"Life is like a box of Jillpills.....you never know what you're gonna get!" .....unless you manipulate that shit (evil smile) like the time I won a barbeque at my local shopping centre cos I took the whole stack of entry forms and was prob the only entrant. Take that life....take that!.  Come along for the ride as I bitch slap that mole called "Life" (yikes I hope she didn't hear that) but I must warn you...before we get too involved and it gets awkward to leave....peeps have said I'm a lil crazy....but I think they're just jealous cos my unicorn is prettier than theirs!

05th Feb 2016

Flight Attendants are Expert Farters

And you thought it was that mankie child stuffing his face with soggy cheeseburgers…..   It’s an unavoidable part of flying….yep….farts! And though the flight attendant on your flight might...

21st Jul 2015

When a Passenger Stands up Before the Seatbelt Sign is Off

This may shock you but sometimes I imagine I’m a tiger and I’m mauling you. Let me try and explain what I probably should keep to myself… Some days being...

24th Dec 2013

Christmas sux in Adult Land!

Christmas just isn’t the same once you grow up! Christmas just seems like a big ball of stress. It’s all corny wrapping paper, stupid stick everywhere but where you want...

27th Nov 2013
"Bonds Trackie Shorts"

Zombie Genius

Do you ever get moments of genius when you’re super tired? The other day I was up at “sparrows fart” 2:30am for a 10hour day running on 4 hours sleep....

12th Nov 2013

The Flight Attendant Stripped!

If you love a good flight attendant fantasy….look away now. I’m about to lift the lid on this “sexy flight attendant” illusion. So this is how the strip show goes….(cue...

10th Nov 2013

Why you should take your daughters to strip joints.

I’m well aware I look a bit like a barbie. I know this as many a 5 year old girl has asked to brush my hair. I don’t know how...